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Hello so I am starting this new thing on here where I go into detail on what I am doing with average4k.

It's been really rough trying to develop this game cuz I think I might have some sort of ADHD when trying to start on my projects. Don't cite me on that, I am not a doctor and I need to get that checked out eventually.

But it's been really hard. I still am getting work done and I will go over that here.

First things first, mines!

You hit it; it blows up. Deducts accuracy points. You don't, nothing happens.


The sprite rotates upwards towards the receptors and yes the explosion is from deltarune lol. So is the sound effect.

I might change it eventually to something else but right now its funny.

I also added Fakes which are also from stepmania, they're notes that cannot be hit and do nothing other than exist. They're kinda there just for accents and stuff that you aren't supposed to hit.


I've also been working on some modchart stuff for multiple playfields but that still isn't really done yet.

Other than that, I am working on general misc stuff.

Mostly plans for the future. I really like to think Average4K as a Rhythm Game Emulator. I like thinking of it this way because it lets me give the players what they want. If you want the game to feel like quaver, etterna, project outfox, stepmania, notitg, or osu!mania. Go ahead, you can make it that way! I added modcharts for this reason. I am going to add custom hit judgements for that reason. I am going to add so much stuff that lets you customize how the game is played, and hopefully work on everything so hard that it because super stable and fun to play.

The ultimate 4k rhythm game. Even though I say that I don't know if I am qualified to even say that. I am not very good at the game, and well I think a lot of people outside of my community don't like me lol.

Either way I think I am just going continue doing what I am doing. This is still great practice for me to eventually become a fulltime game developer.

I like documenting my thoughts, and this is a great place for it.

Thanks for reading,

until next time.


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Hey! I'm Kade, a programmer who's just lookin to help on projects.

I am mostly known for FNF mods like Vs. Whitty, Tricky, Zardy, and Hex. Along with Kade Engine, and Average4K.

I work with a lot of languages but i'm most comfortable with C# and CPP.

Though I can work with Java, Haxe, Lua (scripting if thats what you use lol), and Javascript.

You can look at some of the work i've done here and my newgrounds profile.

Payment depends on the project, and well it'd probably be around 40$->100$ ish.

Shoot me a message if you're interested. Would love to see some cool projects.