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hey hey hey everybody, kade here. And today, it's time for another Average4K Ramble (after uhhh 7 months) in that time i've done a few things.

I remade the entire engine.

yep, everything was remade. an entire 2 years' worth of work remade in 7 months, that seems pretty okay.

we went from SDL + SDL Renderer (first test) -> SDL + OpenGL (b10-b13) -> GLFW + OpenGL (b14)

so we're actually using something that is quite capable. Not saying that SDL isn't, i'd just rather use GLFW.

whats new




(Shout out to sam for the chart, and obviously ardolf for the song lol.)

nothing really on the surface, but obviously a lot of underground changes. Some super obvious view changes are:

  • the scaling on everything is a lot nicer
  • the settings are better organized and they show tooltips to tell you what they do

a lot of backend changes are:

  • the entire game now runs all of the main menu stuff on lua (which allows you to customize the menu in any way you want!) It's skin based, so you can package these skins to everyone you know.

iu_1021669_8519935.png iu_1021667_8519935.png

I'm going to have to create documentation for this later, but for now the code is like half commented. Hopefully it'll get better over time, but it's pretty freeing to be able to easily test skin changes/menu code by opening the console and typing "reload"


is that it?

Like I said, I have spent awhile on this because,


i'm a lazy mf (and also half because of trying to get my life together lol)


this shit is hard!!! i'm not an engine programmer, and i've been learning cpp while making this game. I still find out crap that I never even knew about on the daily.


yet again, the engine is really well put together and is very object orientated which is what I like about it. So I can now start putting out more stuff, well. More frequently lol.


if you didn't know, we're making an entire ost for the game's initial pack. It's going to have around 8 songs and 6 of them are already done!!

featuring, longestsoloever, seberster, tictacto, ardolf, me, and more.

huuuugeee thank you too all of the people spending their time helping me out by creating bangers. they're all amazing and super kind.

closing remarks

sorry it took so long to make this, i'm an extreme slacker.

thank you for reading, i'll cya next time.

bye bye.


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Hey! I'm Kade, a programmer who's just lookin to help on projects.

I am mostly known for FNF mods like Vs. Whitty, Tricky, Zardy, and Hex. Along with Kade Engine, and Average4K.

I work with a lot of languages but i'm most comfortable with C# and CPP.

Though I can work with Java, Haxe, Lua (scripting if thats what you use lol), and Javascript.

You can look at some of the work i've done here and my newgrounds profile.

Payment depends on the project, and well it'd probably be around 40$->100$ ish.

Shoot me a message if you're interested. Would love to see some cool projects.